Headshot photo of Guy Riegel

Guy Riegel

Managing Director

Guy Riegel, an investment advisor, is part of the Nobska Capital Management team while also serving as a Managing Director at Ingalls & Snyder. He has managed client portfolios for three decades at Ingalls & Snyder and seeks to identify attractive investments using value investing methods among small and medium sized companies. He focuses on out of favor securities trading at a deep discount to fair value, as well as compelling business models with strong free cash flows relative to price.

Guy joined Ingalls & Snyder in 1982 after working in the Private Banking Division at Citibank. Guy became a Director of the firm in 1996, a Senior Director in 2008, and a Managing Director in 2011.

Guy holds a B.A. from Kenyon College. Guy and his wife reside in Fairfield County, CT, where they are the parents of four daughters. When not studying the market, his interests include long distance running, tennis and reading biographies.